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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Genocide of Women in Hinduism by Sita Agarwal

It would be a height of Un-Rightiousness & a kind of Cheating If I do not give the due respect to the Author of this book on Hinduism.

Sita Agarwal. She is an feminist , fighting for the rights of women in India. This book was written in the year June 1999. when the status of women in India has sunk to its lowest ebb.

This book is dedicated by Sita Agarwal to her late younger sister, who was murdered as a result of a dowry-related incident while in full blossom of youth. And her early death had a deep impact on her.

She states: I hope that this work may save the lives of some of my Indian sisters and help reduce the suffering of Indian womankind. The reason for writing this book is purely humanitarian, so I have made this book available in the public domain. The more widely this book is read, the more innocent lives shall be saved. Please distribute it freely, and help save Indian women. Thank you in advance for your efforts.

NOTE: Her original book has a few problems with referances, earlier I had posted her book as it was, but after going through her referances, I decided to verify & correct the referances. The following article will have authentic referances & Online links will also be provided.

Apart from that few other points that I myself have researched upon will be put up with good reasoning. A few verses from Hindu scriptures allegedly praising women in Hindu society will also be delt with counter views.

Any objections in my postings can be pointed out once I complete my Posts.

Thank you very much.

Thank you Sita Agarwal.



Quick Glance @ UN report on Women in India.

According to reports from India, genetic testing for sex selection has become a booming business, especially in the country's northern regions.

Indian gender-detection clinics drew protests from women's groups after the appearance of advertisements suggesting that it was better to spend $38 now to terminate a female foetus than $3,800 later on her dowry.

A study of amniocentesis procedures conducted in a large Bombay hospital found that 95.5 per cent of foetuses identified as female were aborted, compared with a far smaller percentage of male foetuses.

In India, an average of five women a day are burned in dowry-related disputes -- and many more cases are never reported.

The Medical Journal Lancet reports:

Based on conservative assumptions, the practice accounts for about 0·5 million missing female births yearly, translating over the past 2 decades into the abortion of some 10 million female fetuses.

Unicef estimates that up to 50 million girls and women have gone missing in India as a result of systematic gender discrimination.

Seven thousand fewer girls are born every day in India than the global average.

The 2001 census showed that there were 927 women for every 1,000 men in the Indian population compared with an average male-female birth ratio in most countries of 1,050:1,000.

The worst-affected region was Punjab, with 798 girls per 1,000 boys, meaning that the state had lost about a fifth of its natural female population.

Sources: National Election Study 2004, CIA World Factbook, The Lancet, International Herald Tribune

Referances to above Articles:

British Medical Journal Lancet:
Times Online:
Sources: National Election Study 2004, CIA World Factbook, The Lancet, International Herald Tribune

A Word from William Corrigan Int Author.

India also allows the deaths of more than 1 million female infants each year on account of Hindu dowry laws which turn girl children into economic liabilites.

Over 50 years, that is 50 million girls who have been killed by the present Indian government. By comparison, Hitler murdered `only' an alleged 5 million Jews.

By contrast, the much-maligned Pakistan and other Islamic nations have a much better track record when it comes to killing baby girls.

In short, the arguments presented by pro-Hindu lobbyists in favour of India are far from convincing.

The West should stop its pro-Hindu tilt before it is too late.

-- William Corrigan.
Everyone has heard the Brahmin male propaganda that the customs of sati, dowry, female infanticide and all other social suppression of women in India is the result of `social degeneration', `coruption', or still worse, `foreign Christian or Muslim influence'.

This is all one big lie designed to fool women.

The reasons are far more deep-rooted, and are fully the result of Brahmin male conspiracies.

The real reason for the sad state of Indian women is the continuation of the Vedic and Vaishnava religions, collectively referred to as Brahminism or `astika' Hinduism. These religions clearly and unambiguously justify and prescribe the crushing of women to the status of sub-humans.

Rather than being due to some kind of `corruption', the ghastly practices of sati, female infanticide, dowry and related acts are actually enforced by Vedic and Hindu scriptures. Although this may sound like some Christian or Muslim propaganda, it is not.

I have backed up my research with quotations from Vedic and Vaishnava scriptures, and have shown that these religions, and nothing else, are the main culprits behind the most anti-woman system the world has ever seen.

Far from being `enlightened' and `progressive', Brahmanism is in fact the very fountain of the evils of sati, female infanticide, devadasism and dowry.

. Instead of wasting time attacking trivialities, the Hindu religion itself must be attacked by Indian feminism.

If Indian women are to become free, it is this faith that must tackled, and nothing else.

No other religion, not even Islam or Christianity, burns its women, or slaughters one-tenth of all women each generation except Hinduism.

Indeed, Brahminism is nothing but the legitimised genocide of women.

In this article I have performed calculations showing how Brahminist men, and not Communists or Nazis, have been responsible for the greatest genocide (namely that of women) in the history of the world.

The worst holocaust in human history was not that of the Jews or Africans, but was that inflicted on women by Brahmins.

A significant part of this holocaust occurred in India during thousands of years of Brahmanic tyranny. Even in the modern era, Brahmin-enforced laws lead to the deaths of more people each decade than Hitler killed during the entire Second World War.

Here Authentic Verses from Authentic Sources will be produced!

The Vedas prescribe an intense hatred for women, and female children were considered highly undesirable in the nomadic Aryan patriarchal view. Indeed, so deep-rooted was the desire for male children that the Vedas prescribe numerous prayers for male offspring :

Atharva Veda. Book 6 HYMN XI

An epithalamian charm to ensure the birth of a boy:

" Let a female child be born somewhere else; here, let a male child be born."

The `holy' and `great' Vedas explicitly sanction the practice of female infanticide.
Indeed, the real reason for this truly animal practice lies deep in the blood-stained verses of the Vedas. The following verse, from the `sacred' Vedas of the `noble' faith of Hinduism, allows the practice, and takes it for granted as a normal practice in Vedic religion :

Taittirya Samhita VI.5.10.3 :

" Hence they [ Aryans ] reject a female child when born, and take up a male."

< Sans. " Tasmat striyam jatam parasyanti ut pumamsam haranti " >

Source :Sacred Texts


Lawbooks prescribe that the best partner for a man in one-third his age. Thus a man 18 year old should marry a girl 6 years old! This is the wonderful wisdom of the most authoritative Hindu law-book -

Manu.IX.94 : " A man, aged thirty years, shall marry a maiden of twelve who pleases him, or a man of twenty-four a girl of eight years of age; if (the performance of) his duties would otherwise be impeded, he must marry sooner."

One of the reasons for such early marriage of girls was to prevent any scandals.

The `great god' Rama was 16 years old when he married Sita, and Sita was only 14 years old . However, the age of Sita is now known to be a forgery; it is almost certain that she was, as per the Manuid laws, one-third of his age, namely 5 years old.

It is inconceivable to imagine that `great' Rama could have dated to violate the Vedic laws of Manu.


As a further instance of the oppressive rules of Hinduism imposed upon women, young girls were required to remain virgin till marriage. Failing this requirement, they would be discarded by the husbands at will :

Manu.IX.72 : " Though (a man) may have accepted a damsel in due form, he may abandon (her if she be) blemished, diseased, or deflowered, and (if she have been) given with fraud."

Such girls were reduced to a pitiable state and were unable to find husbands thereafter.

They were mostly forced to live the life of early wretched widowhood.

This shows that the systematic discrimination meted out by Hinduism to women extends down to early childhood.

Whilst Brahmin men were free to indulge in debauchery with aboriginal Devadasis at an early age, girls had to remain chaste virgins.


The death penalty was almost invariably prescribed for Aryan women guilty of infidelity. Aryan races all over the world practiced this; thus the Germanic warrior would instantly slay his wife and her lover.

The Manu Smrti, the most authoritative law-book of `astik' Hinduism (ie. Brahmanism), states that adulterous women are to be torn apart by dogs :

Manu Smrti.VIII.371 : " If a wife, proud of the greatness of her relatives or (her own) excellence, violates the duty which she owes to her lord, the king shall cause her to be devoured by dogs in a place frequented by many."

Manu Smrti.VIII.372 : " Let him cause the male offender to be burnt on a red-hot iron bed; they shall put logs under it, (until) the sinner is burned (to death) ."

Many savage peoples put the adulterous wife to death, but none did it by allowing wild dogs to devour the woman in public.

Even if a women had touched another man with her hand, she is to be devoured by savage dogs in public ! These laws are stated in the `humane' and `wonderful' religion of Hinduism :

Manu Smrti.VIII.356 : " He who addresses the wife of another man at a Tirtha, outside the village, in a forest, or at the confluence of rivers, suffer (the punishment for) adulterous acts (samgrahana). ."

Manu Smrti.VIII.357 : " Offering presents (to a woman), romping (with her), touching her ornaments and dress, sitting with her on a bed, all (these acts) are considered adulterous acts (samgrahana).."

Manu Smrti.VIII.358 : " If one touches a woman in a place (which ought) not (to be touched) or allows (oneself to be touched in such a spot), all (such acts done) with mutual consent are declared (to be) adulterous (samgrahana).."

Thus, Hinduism prescribes that the wife who touches, meets, or even talks to a man who is not her husband is to be fed to animals ! No other nation, even in its darkest period, prescribed such savage punishments for women.


It may be supposed that Hindu women could escape these ghastly punishments by avoiding men and seeking solace in Sapphic relationships. Alas ! The bigoted Brahmins had foreseen this possibility and severely persecuted these women also.

Thus, Lesbians are cruelly punished by the Brahminist Vaishnavas by having their fingers chopped off. -

Manu Smrti.VIII.369-370 : " A damsel who pollutes (another) damsel must be fined two hundred (panas), pay the double of her (nuptial) fee, and receive ten (lashes with a) rod. But a woman who pollutes a damsel shall instantly have (her head) shaved or two fingers cut off , and be made to ride (through the town) on a donkey."


In order to remove the last vestige of womens' independance and crush them to the status of sub-humans, the Vedic and Vaishnava religions stripped women of all properties. Thus, the most authoritative Vaishnavite law-book states that women cannot have any property :

Manu VIII.416 " A wife, a son, and a slave, these three are declared to have no property ; the wealth which they earn is (acquired) for him to whom they belong."

The term `to whom they belong' indicates that women were, in effect, mere chattel, machines for labour.


All aspects of feminine independance are annihilated in Hinduism :

Manu V.148 " In childhood a female must be subject to her father, in youth to her husband, when her lord is dead to her sons; a women must never be independant."

A woman is thus declared to be innately unfit for independance. Thus, the Brahmin sage Manu states in his law-book, the most important in Hinduism :

Manu Smrti IX.3 " Her father protects (her) in childhood, her husband protects (her) in youth, and her sons protect (her) in old age; a woman is never fit for independance."


As another aspect of Brahmanic brainwashing of men against women, the Aryan Brahmins corrupted the minds of the women themselves in order to complete their enslavement from within.

They were threatened with harsh punishments in later lives if they dared to oppose Brahmin laws :

Manu Smrti V.164 " By violating her duty towards her husband, a wife is disgraced in this world, (after death) whe enters the womb of a jackal, and is tormented by diseases (as the punishment of) her sin."

Whatever defects her husband may have, the wife must unquestioningly obey him and worship him as a god :

Manu Smrti V.154 " Though destitute of virtue, or seeking pleasure (elsewhere); or devoid of good qualities, (yet) a husband must be constantly worshipped as a god by a dutiful wife."


The Vedas prescribe that a dowry be given by the bride's family to the groom. The Rig Veda states that cows and gifts given by the Aryan father of the bride to the daughter accompanied the bride's procession [ Rg Ved X.85 ]

Kakshivat in the Vedas says he became rich by the father-in-law giving him 10 chariots and maids and 1060 cows during the marriage ceremony [ Rg Ved I.126 ]

Dowry is referred to as `Streedhana' and is an ancient practice!

The ancient Vedic custom of kanyadan, where the father presented his daughter with jewelry and clothes at the time of her marriage, and vardakshina where the father presented the groom with cash and kind are, in essence the dowry system.

This curse is fully sanctioned in the Vedas.

These examples show that dowry was practiced in ancient times.

Thus, in order to marry Sita to `godly' Rama, her father had to supply her with 100 crores of gold mohurs, 10000 carriages, 10 lakh horses, 60000 elephants, 100000 male slaves, 50000 female slaves, 2 crores of cows and 100000 pearls, and many other items .


Such is the abject state of degradation of women in Hinduism that even the most basic rights are taken away. These include the right to read, and even the right to live. Thus, women and Sudras were declared to be unfit for study of the Vedas as per the Holy Hindu scriptures :

Bhag.Pur. I.4.25 : " And as women, Sudras and the inferior members of the twice-borne classes were unfitted for hearing the Veda, and were infatuated in desiring the blessings, arising from the ceremonies, the muni, with a vision to their felicity, in his kindness composed the narrative called the Mahabharata."


Even if the wife ran away from the harsh husband, she could never get remarried. Remarriage was explicitly ruled out for widows and women:

• Manu (V.157) states that a widow should never think of remarriage after her husband's death.

• The Aditya Purana (XXI.14) also says that widow remarriage should not be perfomrd in the Kali age.

• If by a mistake or under some pressure a person married a widow, he had to perform penance and abandon her as the marriage was invalid [ Laghu Ashvalayana XXI.6 ]

These citations, from the `holy' Hindu texts, clearly show the real status of women in this so-called `religion'. In order to strengthen this legislation, even the very offspring that a remarried woman may conceive were declared to be illegitimate :

Manu Smrti.V.162 : " Offspring begotten by another man is here not (considered lawful), nor (does offspring begotten) on another man's wife (belong to the begetter), nor is a second husband anywhere prescribed for virtuous women."


All societies that grant basic human rights to women grant them the ability to divorce at least in the most severe cases of abuse or cruelty by the husband. Yet even this right to escape from the clutches of a monster is taken away in animal Hinduism.


The most sacred of Aryan scriptures are the Vedas, and the Rig Veda, the oldest veda, explicitly sanctions the custom of sati.

Rig Veda X.18.7 : " Let these women, whose husbands are worthy and are living, enter the house with ghee (applied) as corrylium ( to their eyes). Let these wives first step into the pyre, tearless without any affliction and well adorned."

Further, the Vishnusmirti gives only two choices for the widow:

Vishnu Smirti.XXV.14 : "If a woman's husband dies, let her lead a life of chastity, or else mount his pyre"

Brahma Purana.80.75 : " It is the highest duty of the woman to immolate herself after her husband "

Once again we hear that sati is sanctioned by the Vedas:

Brahma Purana.80.75 : " [ Sati ] ... is enjoined by the Vedas "

Brahma Purana.80.75 : " [ Sati is ] greatly reputed in all the worlds "

Long life is promised to the sati: Brahma Purana.80.76, 80.77 : " She [ the sati ] lives with her husband in heaven for as many years as there are pores in the human body, ie. for 35 million years. "

Vishnu Dharmasutra XXV.14 : " On her husband's death, the widow should observe celibacy or should ascend the funeral pyre after him."

This concept is illustrated in the Valmiki Ramayana; after Lord Rama murdered the relatively innocent Vali from ambush, Vali's wife Tara requests if he can kill her as well so she can join her husband:

"[Tara:] '(Pray) actually kill me with that very arrow with which my darling has surely been killed (by you). When killed (by you) I shall reach his presence. Vali may not feel happy without me. Even on coming in contact with celestial nymphs and gazing on them with curiosity he would certainly not love those nymphs though adorned with a chaplet of red flowers of every description and clad in a many-coloured costume, unless he sees me (there), O prince…' "

-- Ramayana 4:24.


The Vedic Aryan origin of sati is further evident from the fact that several Aryan ladies and `goddesses' performed sati :

• Several of Krishna's wives performed sati upon his death, including Rukmini, Rohini, Devaki, Bhadraa and Madura [ Mah.Bhar. Mausalaparvan 7.18 ]

• Madri, second wife of Pandu, considered an incarnation of the goddess Dhriti, performed sati [ Mah.Bhar. Adiparvan 95.65 ]

• Rohini, a wife of Vasudev, Krishna's father, who gave birth to Balram ( Devki's child ), later became a sati. The Vishnu Purana refers to this mass burning of Krishna's wives :

Vishnu Purana.V.38 : " The 8 queens of Krishna, who have been named, with Rukmini at their head, embraced the body of Hari, and entered the funeral fire. Revati also embracing the corpse of Rama, entered the blazing pile, which was cool to her, happy in contact with her lord. Hearing these events, Ugrasena and Anakadundubhi, with Devaki and Rohini, committed themselves to the flames."

Myth of Mohamadians (Muslims) Enforcing Sati on Conquered kingdom women!

Islamic Califate and Sati : One far-fetched Hindu fundamentalist idea ascribes the origin of sati as being due to the molestation of `Hindu' women by Muslim men.

Here are some questions for bigoted Brahminist historians about their fraudulent hypotheses on the Islamic origin of Sati :

• Which `Muslim invaders' molested Krishna's wives, forcing them to perform Sati ?

• Which Muslims introduced the Sati hymns into the Vedas ?

• Which Muslims fabricated the whole lot of Hindu scriptures of Puranas, Smrtis and Shastras, inserting the verses praising Sati ?

• Were the Ocean of Story, the Jatakas and the Panca Tantra authored by Muslims in order to fabricate evidence of Sati ?

Needless to say, this fallacious theory would imply the existence of Muslims to molest Krishna's wives, Madri and the galaxy of Vedic Aryan women who performed self-immolation.

The saintly Aurangzeb manifestly opposed the custom of sati and prohibited it in his empire.


Hence, the attitude permeating the Vedas is one of utmost hostility and hatred against women. Women are consistently demonised and compared to animals in the `sacred' Vedas :

" The friendship of women does not last long. Their nature is like that of the hyena." [ Rig Veda 10-95-10 ]

• " (When creating them) Manu allotted to women (a love of their) bed, (of their) seat and (of) ornament, impure desires, wrath, dishonesty, malice and bad conduct." [ Manu.9.17 ]

• " For women no (sacramental) rite (is performed) with sacred texts, thus the law is settled; women (are) destitute of strength and destitute of (the knowledge of) Vedic texts, (are as) impure as falshood (itself) , that is a fixed rule." [ Manu.IX.18 ]

" Day and night women must be kept in dependance by the males (of) their (families), and, if they attach themselves to sensual enjoyments, they must be kept under one's control." [ Manu.9.2 ]

• " And to this effect many sacred texts are sung also in the Vedas, in order to (make) fully known the true disposition (of women); hear the expiation of their (sins)." [ Manu.9.19 ]

• " According to a verse in Adharvana Veda a wife is given by God to a husband to serve him and to bear him children. Further she is referred to by her husband as his subordinate and slave." [ Periyar cting Adharvana Veda 14.01.52 ]

" No birth is worse than the birth of a woman. Women are the root-cause of all evils " [ Periyar citing the Dharma Shastras ]

Here one can clearly see how Hinduism treats women. They are referred to as hyenas and compared to animals. What true models and guidelines for the good Aryan Hindu in his generous treatment of women !

The barbaric Vedic Aryan invaders had scarcely any respect for women, who were considered useless as war machines. Hence, female infanticide was common in order to destroy the excess burden of women.


Vaishnavism is the religion that grew out of the Vedic religion and became the dominant Brahmanic faith after obliterating Buddhism and Jainism.. It hence inherited the Aryan male chauvinist dogmas of the Vedic religion. It is now the dominant form of the 6 `astika' schools of Brahmanism in existence, for 75 % of all `Hindus' are Vaishnavites.

Hence, the Vaishnava literature (Puranas, Smrtis, etc.) pour venom and hatred against women. Women are generally termed as " thieves", "dacoits", "pirates", " thirsty tigresses" and "hypocrite cats" in the medieval Nath literature.

The following is only a small list of the vast corpus of poison and hatred spread against womenhood by the bigot Brahmin males :

"A woman's intellect is too deep and too cunning to be grasped by others." [ MBh.Anu.39-8 ]

• " A woman will not hesitate to kill her husband or her children or her brothers or any other person in order to fulfil her aim. Women have been mercilessly compared to a tiger and have been ill-treated and disgraced." [ Bagavatha Skundam. 4-14, 42-8, 4-36 ]


Dravidian women enjoyed much greater freedom than their Aryan counterparts.


Given that the birth rate of India is 32.0 per 1000 and the total population of India is 835.8 milion , this implies an annual total of 26.7 million births, out of which 13.4 million would be girls. Given that the present sex ratio is 92/100, which implies that 8/100 girls are killed, this leads to 0.008 x 13.4 million = 1.072 million deaths. That means that 1.1 million girls are killed each year due to the Brahmin-enforced customs of Vedic female infanticide . This is the ugly truth behind the figure of 92 girls for every hundred boys.


The cumulative number of deaths due to centuries of Hindu female infanticide is truly staggering. Consider the Brahmanic Dark Ages of 1000 years(1500 BC - 500 BC), and let us adopt the standard population estimate of ancient India, namely 50 million and assume that the same birth rate and same sex ratio existed as today.

These are not unreasonable assumptions, given the statements of various travellers that several entire towns in Brahmanic India were destitute of girls.

These figures lead to 1.6 million births, or 0.8 million girls born per year of which at least 0.08 million are killed. For 2500 years that yields 2500 years x 0.08 million deaths per year = more than 200 million deaths for the Brahmanic Dark Ages.

This means that the Brahmins have murdered 200 million girls during their tyranny over India.

By comparison, all other genocides in world history pale into insignificance.

The Nazi genocide of Jews was only 5 million, whilst the largest Holocaust ever, that of the Native Americans by Latin and Anglo-Saxons, was only 100 million.

This genocide of female infants alone is sufficient to make the Brahmins the greatest mass murderers in human history .

What was the Importance of Laws of Manu & Manu smrithi in Hinduism ?


The text presents itself as a discourse given by Manu, the progenitor of mankind to a group of seers, or rishis, who beseech him to tell them the "law of all the social classes" . Manu became the standard point of reference for all future Dharmaśāstras that followed it.

According to Hindu tradition, the Manusmriti records the words of Brahma. By attributing the words to supernatural forces, the text takes on an authoritative tone as a statement on Dharma, in opposition to previous texts in the field, which were more scholarly.

Women in India Today ?

The indian Constitution guarantees equall rights to both the sexes and does not discriminate on the basis of sacte, colour and creed

However, despite the constitutional provisions, do womens enjoy equality with men ?

The answer is 'No'. Their condition still remains miserable. Newspaper carry report of rape and burning of women for not bringing sufficient dowry or their inability to satisfy the demands of greedy in laws.

Basically, out present attitude towards women streams from our religious scriptures which efer to women as contempt.

Our oldest book are the 'Vedas' which contain highly objectionable and condemnable passages concerning women.

Taking cue from the 'Vedas' authors of subsequent religious scriptures referred to women in more contemptuous form.

'Sati pratha' (custom of burning the widow with the body of her husband), 'Dasi Pratha' (keeping the slave girls), 'Niyog Pratha' (ancient aryan custom of childless widow or women having sexual intercoutrse with a man other than husband to beget child), were among cruel customa responsible for the plight of the women.

Naturally, seeking shelter under such religious sanctions, unscrupulous women disgraced women to the maximuim possible extent and made them means of satisfying their lust.

Thank you,


Aryan Slayer!


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